One Kind Word: Women Share Their Abortion Stories

onekindwordEdited by Martha Solomon, Photographs by Kathryn Palmateer

Abortion Stories (Canada), 84 pages
Publisher: Three O’clock Press, June 30, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-927513-27-9

One Kind Word: Women Share Their Abortion Stories is a groundbreaking collection that helps to end the silence surrounding abortion experiences and to combat the feelings of fear, shame, stigma, and isolation that many women face. By featuring over thirty women’s personal experiences and portraits, One Kind Word shifts the focus of the abortion debate towards creating a more open, honest, and compassionate dialogue about reproductive freedom in Canada. The stories and portraits in One Kind Word remind us that women who have had abortions come from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and ages. Women who have had abortions are our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, lovers, friends, neighbours, doctors, teachers, and politicians.