# 1

Only selfish and irresponsible women have abortions

This myth is built on sexism. Women who choose to remain childless are often portrayed as being self-centered and uncaring. People attribute abortion to selfishness because women are expected to put themselves last (in relation to other people) and to always take on the role of nurturer and caregiver. This myth of self-sacrifice exists because of the ways that society has constructed womanhood: women are valued primarily for their beauty and for their role as mothers. But women are not sacrificial lambs – they have a right to live their lives.

Many factors go into deciding to terminate a pregnancy; it’s not an easy or simple decision. But it is generally a responsible decision, because women know when they are not ready to care for a child, or another child. Having an abortion is really about good motherhood, and ensuring the best welfare for your family and your future.

Most people who get abortions are young and/or low-income, meaning that they probably aren’t ready or in the best position to take on parenthood. For example, Lori writes: “I had an abortion when I had just turned 16. I came from a poverty-stricken, dysfunctional family and honestly didn’t know how easily one could become pregnant. I knew bringing a baby into the world I was living in would not be fair. The child would have grown up as poor as I was, would live in a dysfunctional family just as I was, and would have little hope for a future. I feel that I made the best decision a mother could for a baby.”

The decision of if, when, and how to have children is completely yours to make.


Everydayfeminism.com – 6 Abortion Myths We Need to Put to Rest Once and For All